The durable, high-strength, lightweight characteristics of advanced composites make them ideal for a broad range of high-performance industries. XCA has the expertise, facilities and capabilities to service them all.

We offer design and fabrication of advanced composite structures across several industries:


Today’s Defense Industry requires increased capabilities at lower cost and weight. To get the biggest bang for the buck you need to do more for less. The Defense Industry is extremely demanding requiring cost effective solutions with increased performance and quality.

The Defense industry leaders have turned to XCA time and time again to solve complex problems including:

  • Up armored vehicles require lighter payloads.
  • Composites offer increased stiffness at half the weight
  • Shorter down times for maintenance in hostile environments
  • Composites are non corrosive
  • More performance on smaller platforms
  • Decreased fuel consumption for longer missions


Today’s highly competitive healthcare market demands cost-effective, high quality solutions for its products and accessories. XCA has the expertise to deliver advance composite structures to meet these challenges.

Strong, durable, radiolucent and chemical-resistant advanced composites offer many benefits over other materials. XCA’s design and manufacturing capabilities — including clean room environments — are perfectly suited for a variety of medical products:

  • Tabletops
  • Oncology Applications
  • Medical Imaging


Advance composite structures are lightweight, high-strength, durable, radiolucent and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

XCA is a proven industry leader in the design and manufacturer of a broad range of products, making XCA the ideal choice for the development of:

  • Security Scanning Equipment
  • Wind Blades
  • Robotic Systems
  • Machine Tools
  • Lightweight Structural Components


In today’s increasingly competitive construction industry a move to environmentally friendly construction materials can mean a reduction in your bottom line. The new post boom building customer is looking for light weight, non corrosive (environmentally friendly) material for their projects that are locally manufactured.


02.01.13Production volumes

Over 3000 cosmetic carbon fiber parts per year are made in this one corner of our shop. Click to see picture.