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Advanced Composite Structures

For a Wide Range of Applications

From design to manufacturing XCA is a full service provider of advanced composite structures. Our project management and design expertise, along with our ability to adjust to any project scope, makes XCA an ideal resource for all industries.


The durable, high-strength, lightweight characteristics of advanced composites make them ideal for a broad range of high-performance industries. XCA has the expertise, facilities and capabilities to service them all.

We offer design and fabrication of advanced composite structures across several industries:


Lightweight, high-strength advanced composites are resistant to chemical and environmental conditions, making them both durable and low maintenance.

XCA specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced composite structures offering a full range of services and capabilities.


02.01.13Production volumes

Over 3000 cosmetic carbon fiber parts per year are made in this one corner of our shop. Click to see picture.