Tibion Logo“Tibion was looking for a Composites partner who could offer design and manufacturing for highly customized composite components which are the heart of the Tibion Bionic Leg. We had contacted several advanced composite companies. From our first contact with XCA, we knew we had found a first-rate partner.”

“Previous to working with XCA, we had hand built our own prototypes in house, but had no ability to produce our units in manufacturing quantities or to translate our in-house designs into volume production designs. XCA was able to help us tremendously and worked with us through every step of the process: Design and analysis, Tooling and processing, and Component Finishing. Their understanding of all aspects of composites has helped educate our engineering and production teams and they have provided the solutions to help reduce costs while maintaining all necessary design criteria.”

“We have made a smooth transition and are now in production with XCA, our Bionic Leg Composites manufacturing partner. We look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship with XCA.”


05.10.23XCA Composites LLC AT RSNA 2023

Join us at RSNA 2023 in Chicago at Booth 2016